You see, we understand all things adventure but we also know what it takes to create the comforts of home within any given space; and that’s quality wares, made with attention to detail – that aren’t like anything else that’s available.

    So that explains it. Indulge, and enjoy. 

    Love, Steph 

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  • Finding our own niche in the market.

    A blog post for our ladies moving from children's wear to adolescence. Raising fashionable, strong, independent ladies ready to take on tomorrow in the best kids activewear by: Gerrycan Active.

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  • Wedding Bells and Styling.

    As we prep for a big family event, the My Store duo can't get enough of Pinterest and different takes on an Art Deco era, with sophisticated modernity. Wanting an ethereal touch and glamorous elements for Stephanie's wedding. Here are a few sneak peaks. 
    We can't wait to show you how the styling comes into fruition. With some styling help from one of our fabulous friends, and a whole lot of creativity. We will be exploring all the magic from plants and fronds, to love and all that comes with planning such a joyous occasion. If you don't see either of us in store you know where we will be as we race to the finish line. 
    Stay Tuned and follow us on Pinterest for more! Click Here... x 

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  • Blacklist Studio - A dream boat business available with My Design Store.

    Blacklist Studio is the design work of Nathan Johnson. Established in Sydney in 2008, Blacklist works across a wide range of graphic design services including typography, branding, illustration, packaging and print design.

    Nathan has over 18 years experience and has worked with local and international clients such as Coca Cola, Nespresso, Peters Ice Cream, Yellowglen, Quiksilver, ELLE Magazine, Sony Music, Universal Music, Surf Dive ‘N’ Ski and more.

    A modern keep-sake that prolifically and perfectly gives voice to the universal feelings that celebrate our shared humanity.



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  • New From The Beach People, Bedouin Journey Campaign Has Landed At My Store Sydney

  • Opening about about opening up for the second time round!

    Step 1:  For reading this blog.... Open this tab RIGHT HERE

    Step 2: Leave that second tab open - make sure the song is playing. 

    Step 3: Start Reading and come on a journey with a twenty two year old, design obsessed business owners who's typing this while looking at her honours project while wearing a spandeau ballet vintage t-shirt and eating aldi chocolate with a face mask on at 6pm on a Saturday night... 

    16 years ago, i watched my mumma put her career on the line to open a store in the heart of Earlwood. As locals, i remember the excitement of opening a store, walking distance and filled with curated pieces that other people would also love (well thats what one will always hope for in stores like ours). My Dancewear with an emphasis on 'My' represents the personable nature of my Olga and thus, the experience in her store. 


    Today, Twenty Two, still an Earlwood Local, but with a big realisation of the hard work that goes into a glorious store and a full time honours degree of design to finish up... i really wouldn't have it any other way! 


    The shop was vacant, my dreams bigger than ever and a family that support me in all of my dreams. 
    Most at the tender age of twenty -something are dreaming of getting out of their hometown, for me... it was simple. Since i was young i have been obsessed with interior design ( sounds like a weird childhood passion) but i slowly learnt my ocd with spaces was more than a disorder, but something that would later blossom into a skill of styling, visualising and communicating. 

    My Store X Two is a culmination of my life experience, my skill as a design and a visual communicator. Let's be real? Most weekends i was mapping out new boutiques across sydney to visit to get unique designer gifts, homewares and Australian designer labels. That isnt always fun, because like you, you want to live somewhere burgeoning of cool... you want to be proud of where you live and the people who you neighbour with. I want to create a community experience like no other in Earlwood. 

    Crazy? I think no... Why? 
    Because Earlwood is so very unique. We are filled with creatives, with makers and with parents who have worked so incredibly hard to provide us with the education and activities to allow us to flourish! 

    Olga (Mum) and myself are avid design lovers with our own swimwear and activewear label : and we NEEDED a space that matched the design of our pieces.... we wanted a grown up store to showcase our designs in the right setting!



    The store is a filled with pieces from Australian labels or handpicked from buying trips all across the globe with my mum. The store i guess was a result of travel, sketches of designs, 200 inside out magazines and a lot of coffee, dark chocolate, late night building of shelves, upcycled furniture from council clean ups and a whole lota love. 

    My Store x Two represents two women on a mission, to create affordable, bespoke lifestyle stores from little to big. Just like our dream, little to big... i present my dream in reality form. Filled with maker friends, one of a kind labels and all ethically produced items. 


    To finish, maybe it was those sunny days in Yamba, watching my mum run wild and free, or maybe it was watching my grandma working hard and picking us up from school and still managing the best greek food for an afternoon feast. Could it have been watching so many passionate ladies around me, or juggling mumma's or extraordinary do it all dads... something ignited a spark and i wanted to create a store, work hard in a store and grow while helping our community grow and become some where where all of our friends can come and rejoice! 

    Design is for life. When we design we are changing the world. 

    I hope you love the store. Pop in and say hello! Everytime a new face comes in it ignites a flame that's breathtakingly beautiful. 

    Shop Local, Always, 

    S x 

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