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Established in 2013, Sophie Robertson started her accessories label based on underwater photographs she took whilst living on board a boat in Cairns on The Great Barrier Reef. Sophie was exhibiting and selling photographs at the time in London and Brisbane, Australia. She is now based in Sydney Australia but travels for 6 weeks every August and September to see family.

Sophie was born on the south coast of England but moved to Australia after completing her Fashion Photography BA degree at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. She learnt how to dive in Thailand and then completed her PADI diving licence with underwater photography as a specialism.

With a focus on luxury and style Sophie has created other collections such as Atoll II (a silk chiffon range designed to be worn as a sarong), Local, based on Sydney landmarks (skinny scarves, designed for the city slicker), Hamilton Island (based on aerial shots of Hamilton Island and surrounding islands) as well as custom for various clients.  

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